Natural foods that help you have a better mood

In times when you feel stressed, anxious and upset it is very easy to turn to food. It is true that these reactions are a kind of anti-stress for man, although the relationship with food is not always simple.

You can often make mistakes by choosing the wrong one and as a result you may suffer health consequences. Consequences that start with gaining weight or developing various diseases, such as diabetes that in most cases is caused by food.

The opposite happens when you consume the right foods. It is very simple to adjust your mood and orgasm with the right foods. The right way of eating nourishes your brain and fills the body with vitamins and positivity.

Experts divide them into four major groups, which we will explain in this article.

Foods with omega-3
Foods such as fish or or nuts are very important in brain development. Thus playing an important role in mental health. Experts confirm that consuming large amounts of fish or other foods containing omega-3 helps against the development of depression. It is recommended to consume fish at least twice a week where you can choose sardines, salmon or tuna.

Green vegetables
Green vegetables are talked about a lot and not without purpose, their values ​​for the body have no end. Spinach, broccoli, or cabbage are important to make part of your daily routine. All of these vegetables are a great source of folate or B vitamins that are very important to the body.

In a study on depression and diet, it was found that those who consumed less folate had more problems with this condition. Among other things, low folate consumption is also associated with fatigue and memory loss. It is recommended to consume 400 micrograms of folate per day found in a ration of cooked spinach.

You may have heard a lot about probiotics and their role in helping the digestive system. Probiotics also help reduce negative thoughts that are also associated with bad mood. Sour cream or kefir and other types of fermented milk are added here.

Probiotic supplements are often recommended for patients with depression. So to boost your mood consume a glass of fat-free yogurt every day. You can choose to mix it with different fruits or nuts.

Whole grains are a source of vitamin B are an important source of energy for the brain. They contain fiber and keep blood sugar levels at proper levels. So try to consume a little more cereal every day including rice or bread.

Other alternatives with slightly more moderate consumption may be dark chocolate, coffee or tea. This group of foods also helps boost mood, but seems to be consumed with caution. Experts recommend about 28 grams of dark chocolate a day or about 150 calories. As for coffee and tea do not exceed the measure of 1 cup per day.

Source: Medical Daily, Gazeta Express

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